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Crater Lake Rim Tour

August 25-27, 2017 - Diamond & Crater Lakes

About the Ride

The 39th annual Mid-Valley Bicycle Club Crater Lake Rim Tour is scheduled for Saturday, August 26, 2017. Come join us for a breathtaking ride around one of Oregonís most scenic wonders.

We have reserved camping on the southeast side of Diamond Lake, at Broken Arrow Campground, for Friday and Saturday nights. Many participants choose not to ride the rim, and instead enjoy the national park and campsite areas in other ways, including walking or cycling on the very accessible Diamond Lake trails.

Click the button that follows for information on event status, and to view updates on Campground and Park Conditions that may impact the event.

The Saturday rim ride is designed to start and finish at Diamond Lake for a total trip distance of 61 miles. Some riders may elect to drive to the rim and then ride the rim only, for a total distance of 34 miles. Transportation to and from the rim will not be provided by MVBC.

Most participants choose to ride back to the campground from the rim for an exhilarating finale. Good physical conditioning and alpine gearing (25-inch low gear) are recommended since the ride is quite hilly and reaches elevations greater than 7500 feet.

To Sign-Up for participation in the tour, please click the button below (fee schedule will be provided). Other information about this year's tour appears in the Event Details section below.

Sign-up here early! There is no Mail-In registration option, and participation is limited. On-Site registrations will be accepted, but are only available if capacity remains (Late Fee applies). Please join us for an extraordinary weekend of camping and cycling.

2014 Crater Lake Rim Tour

Event Details

Please read the Participants Guide at for an overview of the event, the route, SAFETY considerations, and brief descriptions of the abilities, training and equipment that are prerequisite to having a successful and enjoyable Crater Lake Rim Tour experience.